Jobless actresses are slay queens - Ruth Kadiri

Sun, 10 Jan 2021 Source: Legit

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, is angry over the type of movie scripts coming her way.

The mother of one is ranting that because of the roles she's been given to act, she has to remove all the beautiful enhancement she has paid hard to make her look beautiful at least for the yuletide season.

Her annoyance became more when she got a script asking her to act like a village or local girl or madwoman just after spending N20,000 to fix her eyelashes and another huge amount for her hair and nails just to look posh.

Kadiri took to her Instagram page on Saturday, January 9, to share a video of her ranting. She complained that her chosen profession makes it difficult for her to slay like other young ladies.

Ruth Kadiri says movie scripts do not allow her to look good because of the different roles she gets.

Ruth concluded that it is only actresses who do not get enough jobs that have time to slay as queens.

The comic side of her video was when her daughter started laughing at her as she made the video.

In another of Ruth Kadiri's stories, Legit.ng reported that the Nollywood actress recently shared an idea with her fans on social media, the actress said people complicate their lives for no reason as they worry about unreal problems.

The film star also differentiated life problems into two types, which she tagged real and unreal problems. Explaining the terms, Ruth said that an example of a real problem would be if someone needed money to pay for their child’s hospital bills, while unreal would be someone crying over a reduction in the number of their Instagram followers.

Also, Ruth Kadiri submitted that there need to be consequences for doing the wrong things in Nigeria. According to her, it is the only way things can get better in the entire country.

Kadiri added that most people always manage to get away with their wrongdoings in the country except for those who are poor.

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