Here are 7 iconic images from #EndSARS protests across the world

Tue, 13 Oct 2020 Source: Pulse

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, the EndSARS protest peaked as Nigerians across the world unified their voices in fighting the scourge of police brutality. They were also supported by foreign figures like Drake, Lil Baby, Tion Wayne, Santan Dave and more.

While the protests were ongoing, certain photographers caught some iconic moments which have since been popularized on social media. For what they mean and in those moments, they exemplify the Nigerian need for freedom and our unified voices in the struggle to win.

Here are our favourite seven shots:

Mr Macaroni sleeping on the floor

Debo always loved a good protest and here, he is one of the few to propel these protests to this level.

Middle finger to a moving police van

While this would have made sense as a victory parade, we will still take it. While checking the picture, play 'F*ck the Police' by NWA.

Wizkid with his fists in the air

According to Ogbeni Dipo, before Wizkid got to the Nigerian High Commission in London on October 11, 2020, it was a total chaos. His presence calmed things and his shots were taken.

Standing on a mobile Police station while waving the Nigerian flag and an #EndSARS white flag on the same stick. He was also dressed like a skier. MAD!

This represents loving Nigeria while striving for something greater, while also trampling on the police. On the stick he holds, the Nigerian flag is below a white #EndSARS flag. His fashion also embodies the struggle.

It is poetry in motion. Long live the Lekki toll gate blockage.

Running for your life and still not having the police

In Abuja, peaceful protesters had hot water sprayed on them. But in those moments, two beautiful women who were also protesting produced an iconic moment.

While running from the scene of the assault, someone captured the hot water they were trying to avoid. One of those girls then gave a middle finger to the police van while backing it. That is an amazing evidence of the struggle.

Kiki Mordi

Kiki Mordi exemplifies the fight for justice. The Emmy-nominated journalist pulled up to the Ajah, Lagos protests on a Mack truck while leading a call-and-response.

This is the kind of shot you show your kids.

Aisha Yesufu A.K.A statue of #EndSARS

This is a moment.

Source: Pulse