Anambra community gets traditional ruler after 15 years

Thumbnail 1 1 File photo: Emesinwa Nwosu VII

Thu, 14 Jan 2021 Source: The Sun

The stool of Ajali town, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State, which has been vacant for 15 years, has finally been occupied with the selection and presentation of Emesinwa Nwosu VII as the new ruler.

Nwosu VII was the first son of the immediate past traditional ruler, Obinali Nwosu, who died 15 years ago.

The coronation ceremony was performed by Patrick Nwosu, the ‘Akakpa Ofor’ Ogbuti-Uti and eldest man of the ruling house.

The presentation ceremony was witnessed by the heads of the four villages of Ajali, including Amagu, Omuabiama, Umueve and Obinikpa.

Austin Nwosu, a prince of the palace said the selection of Nwosu VII by the ‘Ime-Obi Ogbuti Uti’ was the climax of the Ajali traditional ruler succession process and that what was left was his presentation to the community and government.

He said the matter on who to rule had been determined by the court.

Chukwunedum Enekwe said he was happy that bad politics was not allowed to desecrate the succession process by allowing the true successor to ascend the throne.

Enekwe said the presence of the heads of the four villages signifies the endorsement by the gods of Ajali and prayed that their spirits would bless the new king and give the town a lasting peace and progress.

Nwosu VII said he would continue in the manner his ancestors ruled the community, adding that he would yield himself to their spirit for guidance. He called on the people to support his reign and forgive one another for peace and progress of the community.

Source: The Sun